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Final examination questions in English for the 8th grade students of secondary schools (2018-2019 academic year)

Examination questions   № 1

1.  Read the text on pg. 38 ex. 4 (English 8, 2015) and find the main idea of the text.     

2.  Make up four sentences in Past Indefinite and Present Perfect tenses to show the difference in usage.

3.  Speech topic: My daily routine. 


Examination questions   № 2

1.     Read the text on pg. 42 (English 8, 2015)  and speak about the location of your welayat/city/town on the map of Turkmenistan.

2.     Change  the following into adjectives: use, economics, attract, sun,  fame,  danger and choose four of them to make up sentences.

3. Speech topic: The State Symbols of Turkmenistan.



Examination questions   № 3

1.                Read the text on pg. 122 (English 8, 2015) and say what “eleven plus” examination means.      

2.                Make up four negative sentences in Past Perfect.

3. Speech topic: Turkmen nature.

Examination questions   № 4

1.   Read the first two paragraphs of the text on pg. 27 (English 8, 2015) and say a few words about the new schools in our country.

2.   Make up six sentences with also, too, either.

3.   Speech topic: State holidays in Turkmenistan.


Examination questions № 5

1.     Read the first three paragraphs of the text on pg. 12 (English 8, 2015) and say where you are going for holiday in summer.

2. Make up six sentences: three with countable  and three with uncountable nouns.

3. Speech topic: The President of Turkmenistan.


Examination questions № 6

1.     Read the text on pg. 58 (English 8, 2015) and say a few words about the policy pursued by our country.

2.    Make up four sentences with Modal verbs.

3.     Speech topic: Turkmen music and song.


Examination questions № 7

1.   Read the text on pg. 62 (English 8, 2015) and say what you like about Awaza.

2.     Fill in the gaps with articles where necessary.

This is ... classroom. There are 10 pupils in ... classroom. One pupil is standing ... others are sitting. There are ... flowers on ... table. There are two pictures on ... walls. Where is ... map to ... right of... blackboard. It is ... map of... world. One picture is near ... door. I can find ... place on ... map, where ... father is now. Where is ... book? It is in ... bag.

3.   Speech topic:  What kind of state is Canada?



Examination questions № 8


1.   Read the text on pg. 34 (English 8, 2015) and complete the sentences with the words dwellings, victims, straight, marble, earthquake.

1. On October 6, 1948 a terrible _________ struck Ashgabat.

2.  It is a tradition to commemorate the _______ of the earthquake on Memorial Day.

3.  Modern establishments and _______ are being built in Ashgabat of today.

4.  Streets have become beautiful, wide and ________.

5.  Many houses and building have been covered with white _______.

2.  Fill in the blanks with the prepositions “for” or "during”.

a)           the lesson

b)          a century

c)           the journey

d)          his stay in London

e)           hours

f)            . the last few days

g)          two days

3.   Speech topic: My healthy life style.



Examination questions № 9

1.  Read the first three paragraphs of the text on pg. 115 (English 8, 2015) and say how big is the territory of the British Isles.

2.  Complete the sentences with “she was”, “she is” or “she will be”.

a)       Yesterday______ in Paris.

b)      Tomorrow______ in Amsterdam.

c)       Last week_________ in Barcelona.

d)      Next week_________ in London.

e)       At the moment_____ in Brussels.

3.  Speech topic: My favorite animal/ pet.


Examination questions № 10

1.     Read the text on pg. 167 (English 8, 2015) and say what you usually do on Health Day.

1. When is World Health Day?

2. What is one of the main tasks of the state?

3. Who supervises the child’s health and development?

4. What do family doctors do?

           5. What are planted around the Path of Health?

      2. Fill in the blanks with defend, protect, take care of, move, healthy in an appropriate form:

1. The engine ... the train.

2. The children are quite ... although they have slight colds at present.

3. She has children ... of.

4. He ... his reputation.

5. We are ready to ... our country from the enemies.

          3. Speech topic: Tell about your shopping day.


Examination questions № 11

1.     Read the text on pg. 94 (English 8, 2015) and tell what the reserves are for.

2. Make up 5 sentences with present and past Subjunctive Mood .

3. Speech topic: Education in Great Britain.




Examination questions № 12

1.                Read the first three paragraphs of the text on pg. 63 (English 8, 2015) and say how often you listen to music.

2. Fill in prpositios to, or in where necessary.

a) We’re going         __________ a concert tomorrow evening.

b) I went         ___________ New York last year.

c) How long did you stay __________ New York?

d) Next year we hope to go __________ Canada to visit some friends.

e) Shall we go _________ the cinema this evening?

3. Speech topic: The UK.


Examination questions № 13

1.     Read the text “ The United Kingdom” on pgs. 120-121 (English 8, 2015) and an put 4 wh-questions on what you’ve read.

2. Make up four sentences with verbs to hold and to keep.

3. Speech topic: My school and my teachers.


Examination questions № 14

1.                       Read the text on pgs. 101-102 (English 8, 2015) and tell if you have visited the lake.

2.                       Make up four sentences with the Present Perfect Tense.

3. Speech topic: Turkmen Lake.



Examination questions № 15

1.     Read the text on pg. 126 (English 8, 2015) and tell about the climate of Canada.

2. Make up four sentences using Present Perfect Passive.

3. Speech topic: I want to travel...


Examination questions № 16

1.     Read the first four paragraphs of the text  on pg. 52 (English 8, 2015) and put the words into correct order.

1.  Independence, Turkmenistan, Day, 27, October, is, in.

2.  The, Turkmenistan, congratulates, of, President, the, Turkmenistan, all, of, citizens.

3. Are, such, held, celebrations, the, all, over, country.

    2.   Make up sentences. Use as….as; not so……as

1. (our kitten / their kitten / small)

2. (their house / his house / not old)

3. (her ribbon / my ribbon / long)

4. (the zebra /the horse / not strong)

5. our chickens / her chickens / not weak)

    3.  Speech topic: Describe your best friend.



Examination questions № 17

1.  Read the first two paragraphs of the text on pg. 177 (English 8, 2015) and say what role food plays for our health.

2.  Fill in the gaps with prepositions.

There is a lot ... snow ... the ground ... winter. The sun shines brightly ... the sky ... July. Here are a lot ... tractors ... the fields. We have a holiday ... the 21-st of March. We have physical training ... Thursday. Farmers work hard ... spring, summer and autumn.

3.  Speech topic: My favorite movie.


Examination questions № 18

1.  Read the first two paragraphs of the text on pg. 174 (English 8, 2015) and say a few words about the basic laws of health.

2.  Complete the sentences with must and a verb in the brackets (call, buy,  tidy, meet).

a)  It’s my mother’s birthday next week. I_________ her a present.

b)  My bedroom’s such a mess! I_________ it up before anyone sees it.

c)   Mary’s a lovely girl. You_________ her. You’ll love her!

d)  I haven’t spoken to Sally for ages. I_________ her soon.


3.  Speech topic: Turkmenistan.


Examination questions № 19

1. Read the first six paragraphs of the text on pg. 145 (English 8, 2015) and share your ideas about the poets works.

       2. Fill in play or go.

1. In summer we don’t __________ ice hockey in Turkmenistan.

2. Every summer our family _________swimming to the Caspian sea.

3. In winter I __________ skiing with my friends.

4. My brother ____________ tennis and my sister _______ golf.

          5. In the Caspian we don’t _____________windsurfing.

3. Speech topic: The Underground Lake.


Examination questions № 20

1.     Read the first two paragraphs of the text on pg. 109 (English 8, 2015) and speak about weather of this country.

2.    Choose the correct pronouns.

a)  Jan and (I / me) left together.

b)  (They / them) offered to help (us / we) paint the house.

c)   (She / Her) and (I / me) take karate lessons after school.

d)  Richard gave (his / him) old bike to (his / him) brother.

e)   I saw (they/them) in the shopping mall, but (they/them) didn’t see (I / me).

3.     Speech topic: My daily routine.


Examination questions № 21

1.     Read the text on pgs. 71-72 (English 8, 2015) and tell what animals  mentioned in the text you like best.

2.    Make up four negative and question sentences using Present Perfect Passive form.

3.     Speech topic: Turkmen poets and writers.





Examination questions № 22

1.   Read the text on pg. 113 (English 8, 2015) and say who is going to have the ‘doggie bag’ leftovers.

       2.   Change the sentences into Present Perfect Passive.

a)      The postman has already brought the mail.

b)      The teacher has given us much homework.

c)       Somebody has broken the vase.

d)      The archaeologists have found many pieces of ancient culture.

e)       We have chosen two plays for staging.

       3,  Speech topic: My favourite writer.




Examination questions № 23

1.     Read the first three paragraphs of the text on pgs. 142-143 (English 8, 2015) and tell the names of some Nobel Prize winners.

2. Choose the appropriate form of the verb.

           1. What do you (mean, meant) by that?

           2. He (put, puts) the book on the shelf and left.

           3. People usually (greets, greet) you when they see you first.

           4. Inventors always (thinks, thought) of creating something new.

           5. The kid (say, said) “Good night” to his mom before going to bed.

3. Speech topic: The USA.



Examination questions № 24

1.     Read the text on pg. 45 (English 8, 2015) and tell what independence and neutrality mean for the Turkmen people.

2. Make up five sentences using Complex Object.

3. Speech topic: What does education mean for you?





Examination questions   № 25

1.                Read the text on pg. 81 (English 8, 2015) and tell what the lake is being built for?

          2. Put in  some/ little / a little / few / a few.

a)      When did Sarah leave? Just____ minutes ago.

b)      I can’t make a decision right now. I need       ______time to think about it.

c)       The bus service isn’t very good at night - there are_______ buses after

9 o’clock.

d)      Would you like ______ soup? Yes, please.

3.Speech topic: How do we celebrate the Independence Day? 



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